Creating chocolate connoisseurs

You know how different grapes create different wines? And how different coffee beans change the flavor of your morning espresso? Well different cocoa beans have the same effect on chocolate.

The life of a cocoa bean plays a fundamental part in the flavor and quality of your chocolate. Because everything from the soil conditions a bean is grown in to the climate, location and techniques of the farmer will affect its flavor.

At Caluwé we place the utmost importance on the quality of our cocoa beans, ensuring a consistent and intense flavor. That's why we work with specially trained farmers in Ivory Coast, focused on the best practices to bring out the boldest of flavors. So we can deliver a quality of chocolate which will exceed expectations and come to be your chocolate of choice.

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A flavour of the past and present

The world's finest chefs know the secret to great flavor is bringing different eras together - techniques and ingredients of the past with technology and ideas from the future. Chocolate is no different.

Modern ideas and techtniques can improve cocoa bean quality and also the livelihood of the people who grow them. But it's important to understand the history of the land and climate we're farming in. So we partner with experienced farmers implementing today's best practices to deliver an exceptional qualtiy of cocoa for your pleasure and a more fruitful future for their families.

It's this combination of past and present that shapes the chocolate of the future.

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Purely intense flavor

Like a fine wine, cocoa requires the process of fermentation to bring out the delicate flavors and aromas waiting to be released from the raw fruit Just as a master winemaker carefully tends to his art, cocoa fermentation too takes care and attention.

At Caluwé, we won't leave this important step to chance. We only work with farmers who implement a revolutionary approach to fermentation which utilizes a 100% natural method to enhance the cocoa fruit's bold flavors. Through this unique and andvanced technique, farmers use natural cultures to aid in the fermentation process resulting in less defects and more consistent and intense flavors. As you can see, innovation leads to excellence.

And we will continue this persuit of excellence across our entire value chain. Because quality chocolate will always start with quality beans.

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